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unanca: making a basic design archive for a non-governmental organization.


Graphic Design


Global Classrooms, Programs 


United Nations Association of the National Capital Area (UNANCA)

What to do when a Non-Governmental Organization is adventuring

into design, but with almost zero resources, in order to attract more people to their cause?

THE challange


An very small UNA branch that works on the Washington DC area, with a staff between 5 to 7 people at the time, wants to work more in their organization image. With three directors and the rest of staff conformed by interns, the period of time a position last is around 6 moths to 1 year, so training in a design software is not optimal, taking in mind the majority of intern's major is in Politic Science and Social Studies. As a small brach, there's very limited equipment, and  old softwares. Softwares to use: Word and Power point of Windows XP. For security reasons and budget, it is not possible to buy a newer license, or use my personal computer. A design or marketing (fundraising) department is not implemented, the only person with a design background was myself.

Through analyzing the working environment and top priorities for UNANCA, the strategy was decided into making a basic design archive that would work with the equipment and softwares already use by the NGO. Simplifying the work of future interns by making banners and png's of official logos. Playing with Word shapes, and creating templetes in the program for future use. Trying to bring color and  working on Washington DC's iconic places pictures as the emphasize for UNANCA's image

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