Gifting love: designing new packaging for an old classic.


Packaging Design


Design Packaging Unit (D.P.U.) 


FERRERO Group,  FERRERO de México

Developing ROCHER packaging for gifting season under Ferrero's guidelines, suitable for the Latin-american market and new Mexican factory production system. 


NATIONAL&INTERNATIONAL MARKET. Although any packaging must be directed to an specific market, the design must be done with the requirement that packaging design is international or suitable to small changes for tropicalization in other regions. 

BUSINESS UNIT. Working with the marketing area to develop the concept under the research done, as well as several focus groups in different Latin-american Regions.

MEXICAN FACTORY. One of the newest Ferrero's factories, it has produce only "catalogue" packaging. Finding the right production process through production simulations, making design instructions alongside Quality Unit, and developing a logistic strategy with Planning Unit.


Fulfill the guidelines of Ferrero Group, the demandas of latin-american market, and the capacity for new production of Ferrero's Mexican Factory, to create a ROCHER packaging for Gifting Season directed to "loving holidays". 


CONNECTing Ferrero. Developing a classic design that allows the production through manual process. Analyzing the Ferrero's Italy past campaigns for love gifting, in order to continue the traditional line of aesthetics for the new Mexican market, allowing it to be an universal design that can be implemented in the next season in Canada. 

PAckaging engineering for other ferrero families

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