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UNESCO: making the city of querétaro part of unesco's creative cities.


Design Research, Product Design, User Centricity


Innovation and Research team: Avatar Flores and Roy Rajan


UNESCO - Government of Querétaro

The creative industry in Querétaro and its traditional craftsmanship tradition had increase on popularity over the years, making the city a well-known reference point for creativity, innovation and design.

making the proposal

STEP 1. Getting government to be involved in this initiative, by reaching out the Tourism Consul, once they got on board with the plan, the Creative Consul for UNESCO was created in order to use Design Thinking approach alongside with ONUs objectives for 2024-2054, so Querétaro could meet those statements for the time being. 

Making in this first step, the necessary documentation for their review at Paris on October 2019.

graphic inspiration for greater impact

STEP 2. Developing a graphic idea based on the most popular historic site in Querétaro "los Arcos", an architectural master piece made or arcs.

we are all creative people




design video proposal

final veredict

Design Creative City Officially

STEP 3. The approach took was that Queretaro is full of creative people, not only professionals, but everyone of us is part of the creativity community and that's what made us become an OFFICIAL CREATIVE CITY OF DESIGN FRO UNESCO.

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